Friday briefs

A perfect example of Israel Derangement Syndrome: How much do people hate Israel? So much so that a simple tagged bird was carefully examined to make sure it wasn’t an Israeli spy. Yes, really. Paranoid, much?

But it’s just a little stone-throwing: This is why Israel imprisons Palestinians who throw stones.

Some 14 people sustained light injuries Thursday as a result of stones hurled near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The wounded, who were on a bus traveling in the city as the stones hit the vehicle, were injured by the stones and broken glass.

Also, the stones? Not pebbles. Large chunks of concrete bigger than a man’s fist.

Great job, Obama! Say, remember how Obama got on the phone with his bestest bud, Erdogan, and got him to agree to be pals with Israel again? Yeah, Turkey’s still violating the agreement with Israel over the Mavi Marmara incident and insisting on changing it.

And yet, there are not worldwide protests against Egypt: The AP has noticed that the Egyptian military is imposing harsh punishment on Hamas for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, including cutting down on Hamas smuggling tunnels like crazy.

Splash the vandals with indelible ink: Bastards vandalized the Lincoln Memorial. Seriously? The Lincoln Memorial? Because who wouldn’t want to disrespect the man who saved the country and freed the slaves?

But the Palestinians want peace: Mahmoud Abbas’ FB page is lauding the terrorist mastermind who murdered 61 Israelis, including many children, in the Sbarro pizza terrorist attack (among others). But hey, he wants to sit down and declare peace. Because that’s just what “freedom fighters” do: Murder families while they’re out for pizza. To be clear, this is on the FB page now. While the Palestinians are insisting on yet more preconditions before talking peace.

They don’t want peace. They want whatever they can get out of Israel, and they want the world to pressure Israel to give things up. And every single time, it works. The world will blame Israel when the talks fail. Wait for it.

Two can play that game: In response to the EU ban on contracts west of the Green Line, Israel is freezing all contact with the EU in the West Bank and Gaza. Except the stories about humanitarian disasters in Gaza in 3, 2, 1….

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