The misleading AP headline of the month

Ah, AP bias: Check out the headline on this beauty.

Israel angered by Polish ban on Jewish slaughter

Holy crap! The Jews are slaughtering people? Who? What? Where? How? And the Poles are stopping them? Good for the Poles.

Israel is condemning a recent decision by the Polish parliament to forbid the traditional Jewish slaughter that makes meat kosher.

The Foreign Ministry says Israel is disappointed with the decision to “forbid an important religious ritual which has been common practice among millions of Jews since ancient times.”

Ohhhhhhhh. Jewish RITUAL slaughter. The koshering of animals. Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place, AP?

Gee. Let’s think. Why?

Also, note how the AP goes to Israelis for quotes, not, say, Polish Jews. Or even American Jews. Nope, gotta get that Israel in there. And then complain in other places that Israel doesn’t speak for all Jews (which is true).

Yep. I still hate the AP.

In the statement Monday, Israel said it was “totally unacceptable” and a blow to restoring Jewish life in Poland after World War II, when most Polish Jews were killed.

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