Friday brief briefs

New IDF terror report: The IDF is now devoting a subsite to news of Hezbollah terrorism. So, remember UN Security Council Resolution 1701? The one that put UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon so that another war with Israel wouldn’t occur? The one that everyone swore would disarm Hezbollah? Yeah, not so much. Seven years later, Hezbollah can now reach every inch of Israel with its missiles. The good news is the IDF is already fighting the next war, and Hezbollah is still fighting the last one. The better news is that working with Bashar al-Assad and murdering civilians is causing the Arab world to hate Hezbollah.

It seems equally clear that Hizballah has very much reduced support from the Lebanese, Syria, Sunni Islamist leaders, and others. Given this situation, Hizballah cannot attack Israel, certainly not while its best troops are tied down in Syria. And if the rebels win in Syria, they will take on Hizballah, also supporting Lebanese Sunni Islamists. Hizballah will be too busy fighting against fellow Arabs to start a war with Israel.

Read the rest of that link. Barry Rubin presents a report on how Israel is now in the best position in the Middle East they’ve been since the end of the Six-Day War.

I have company this morning. Sarah’s off on a day trip with eldest boy, second-oldest is out of town, Larry has to work, and the twins would be home alone. So they’re with me, and that’s all you get for now.

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