This is why the AP sucks

The AP is so unbelievably biased against Israel, it can’t report the news without adding their own whitewash. We’ve seen that in many articles about Palestinian wrongdoing. Now they’re doing it in defense of anti-Semitism.

Here’s the headline:

German newspaper expresses regret over cartoon depicting Israel as ravenous monster

And here’s the lead:

A German newspaper has expressed regret after publishing a cartoon that appeared to depict the state of Israel as a ravenous monster.

Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung says the picture appeared Tuesday alongside two reviews of books about Israel.

The caption suggested that the Jewish state was seen by its enemies as akin to Moloch — a monstrous deity from the Old Testament to whom followers sacrificed their children.

Let’s take a look at the Ynet article that included the translated words, shall we?

“Germany presents” the drawing’s subheading reads and then elaborates: “For decades Israel receives arms, sometimes for free. Israel’s detractors believe Israel to be a voracious Moloch. Peter Beinart condemns this situation.”

Note that the AP headline was clear: The article depicted Israel as a ravenous monster. An editor changed the text inside the story to make it seem that perhaps it didn’t really depict Israel that way, even though, well, it did. And the AP doubles down by explaining in the final paragraph:

The picture had been taken from a stock library and originally wasn’t intended as a depiction of Israel.

Note that nobody is quoted. the words “The paper said” or “an editor said” were not inserted in front of “orginally wasn’t intended as a depiction of Israel”. The AP makes it seem as though these are facts, not a statement made by someone working for the German paper after an outcry was raised.

The Jerusalem Post managed to contact both the artist who drew the picture (and was horrified at its use) and Peter Beinart.

The illustrator of the cartoon Ernst Kahl strongly objected to the use of his drawing by the Süddeutsche. The cartoon was originally designed for a gourmet cook magazine called “Der Feinschmecker.” He said if he were told in advance of the use of his illustration, he would not have green-lighted the publication of his cartoon for the Süddeutsche’s book page. The paper reviewed two books slamming Israel, including a book by the American Jewish author Peter Beinart.

Beinart objected to the cartoon on his twitter feed, writing “Dumbest part of nasty cartoon accompanying review of my book is that I strongly support military aid to Israel.”

But the AP? Well, they’re too busy covering for anyone who gets caught slamming Israel. Because in the AP narrative, Israel can never be right. Not ever. Covering for anti-Semitism? Well, that’s just part and parcel of the AP’s biased coverage of Israel.

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