Friday briefs

Yeah, she didn’t seem to care about the Christians, though: Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is bent out of shape that the Egyptian military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood government. Because the military is detaining the leadership. Where, we wonder, was her concern while the Islamists have been murdering Christians these past few years? It’s amazing what they find to complain about, isn’t it?

Red on red: For once, we agree with–yes, really–Fatah. they’re calling on Gazans to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Hamas government. Not that we think it will happen, or that we think the PA is much better than Hamas, but we did get a giggle out of the news.

Hamas: The biggest losers. Yeah, we knew already they were losers, but Elior Levy goes into details about how big the loss of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government is to Hamas. Don’t forget, they’re already reeling from the loss of Syria and Iran by siding with the Syrian rebels. Now, if only Qatar will stop giving them money, maybe there would be a popular uprising against Hamas. For which every death would be blamed on Israel.

And of course, it’s the Jews’ fault: The Muslim Brotherhood is already using their worst possible insult about Egypt’s new leader: He’s a Jew. If he is, it’s to Egypt’s benefit. Assholes.

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