Wednesday briefs

I think the fat lady is starting to sing: The Egyptian army is meeting with leaders of the opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood. I do believe there’s going to be more blood in Egypt’s streets soon. The big question is: If they overthrow Morsi, will they get it right next time? One can only hope. Egypt is the most populous nation in the Middle East, and was once a great civilization. Maybe if they get happier at home they’ll realize Israel isn’t their enemy. But don’t count on Obama to do anything smart. He hasn’t so far.

But it’s anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism: Anti-Semitism in German newspapers? Yeah, this is a surprise. A German paper portrays Israel as a ravenous Moloch (an idol to which ancient people sacrificed children). Should we be surprised? No more than seeing a crossword puzzle author use “Shylock” as a definition for Jew.

Lies times three: I caught a headline in my Google News feed that the majority of Israelis believe the apology to Turkey is a mistake. It’s in the Hurriyet News and cited by the CBN, based on a poll that was supposedly commissioned by the Begin-Sada Center. The thing is, I can’t find the poll results on that site. In fact, all I can find is a link to the Hurriyet article quoting one Professor Efraim Inbar, which is about as self-referential as they come. So I’m calling bullshit on this poll, especially since I found an actual poll taken in 2012 in which a majority of Israelis said that they supported the apology to Turkey.

A majority of Israelis believe that Israel should take action in order to improve relations with Turkey, including the issuing of an apology on operational mistakes that took place during the flotilla takeover, as part of an agreement between the two countries. Most Israelis think that the Israeli government is not doing enough to improve relations with Turkey, and believe that doing such will assist Israel’s international campaign against Iran.

This, dear readers, is how lies are spread. Hurriyet is a major Turkish newspaper, and it has been spreading anti-Israel lies for years. You’d think that a pro-Israel group wouldn’t want to help them along. Because now Turkish politicians are blaming the Jews for the protests in Turkey.

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