Tuesday briefs

Words fail: Profiles of the 19 elite firefighters who died in the Arizona wildfire yesterday.

The EU are the enemy: The Dutch have decided that it’s all Israel’s fault. Of course it is.

… the report, entitled “Between Words and Deeds: Prospects for a sustainable peace in the Middle East,” calls for sanctions against Israel because of settlements yet advocates talking to Hamas and omits any reference to Palestinian terrorism.

There’s no reason whatsoever to build the separation fence, or arrest terrorists, or not allow free travel between Hamastan (Gaza) and the West Bank. None. I don’t know what Israelis could be thinking.

Aiding and abetting: I love the way the world accuses Jews of being the money-grubbers, who will sell anything to anyone for profit, and ignores things like France and Germany selling Iran missile-grade ores. Because it’s not like Iran will use them for weapons or anything. I believe I just said this above: The EU are the enemy.

Yeah, the jury’s still out: The Deputy FM thinks that Israel has convinced Putin not to sell S-300 missiles to Syria. We’ll see.

Missing the forest for the trees: John Kerry is concentrating so heavily on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, he doesn’t seem to have time to notice that millions of Egyptians are calling for their Pesident’s ouster, and the military is threatening a coup. Barry Rubin points out the idiocy in our current Middle East policy.

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