The AP bias in three paragraphs and a headline

The “objective” news media in a nutshell. The headline:

Israel shows no signs of yielding to Palestinians

The story, such as it is:

Israel’s prime minister is showing no signs of bending as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry presses forward with efforts to restart Mideast peace talks.

Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday that he is ready to begin talks with the Palestinians immediately, but he made no mention of yielding to Palestinian demands to halt settlement construction or release Palestinian prisoners.

Netanyahu says he will not compromise on Israel’s security and if a deal is reached, he says he will seek approval in a national referendum. A referendum is not required, and critics have said it would add an additional obstacle to implanting a deal that relinquishes territory to the Palestinians.

Let’s break it down. The prime minister of Israel says he’s ready to sit down and talk with the Palestinians at any time, without preconditions. The headline should be “Israel ready to talk with Palestinians”. Or “Palestinians continue to demand conditions before peace talks with Israel”. And yet, look at the headline, and look at the language in bold. Could this short piece be any more pro-Palestinian?

Not by much.

Your objective media, at work. Way to go, AP!

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