Monday briefs

Trust us, we’re here to help you: Once again, international peacekeepers have fled from the violence on the borders of Israel, this time in the Golan. Every single peace plan that mentions Jerusalem as an international city insists that Israel should just go along with it, because the UN will send peacekeepers to monitor things and keep the peace. Remember, Egypt expelled UN peacekeepers in the lead-up to 1967 Six-Day War. European monitors ran from Gaza when Hamas took over in 2007. And UNIFIL has stood by and done nothing as Hezbollah has restocked its missiles on the southern border with Israel. But sure, trust the UN peacekeepers to protect Israel from terrorists and countries that wish to destroy Israel. Because it’s worked so well before.

Red on red: Well, this is interesting. Foreign jihadis are pouring into Syria to fight Hezbollah.

Red on red, II: A Lebanese anti-Hezbollah protester was killed yesterday by Hezbollah thugs. Basiji, much? Also–a bomb went off under a van filled with fighters returning to Lebanon–in Lebanon. And lastly, an Arab newspaper is calling Hezbollah a cancer. Yes, they’re using terms that they generally reserve for Israel, that’s how angry the Arab world is that Hezbollah is supporting the Dorktator. That Arab Spring is just Teh Awesome, isn’t it? Democracy and peace abound!

Just a reminder, protests are still ongoing in Turkey: See title.

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