Tuesday morning briefs

So how long before he starts blaming “Zionists”? Erdogan is blaming “terrorists” for the uprising in Turkey. He’s actually right this time: His is the party that backs terrorism, and his party and autocratic ways are what is being protested. The Islamists are running scared, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah: That’s what I hear when I read about Kerry’s latest warning to Israel that if they don’t sit down RIGHT NOW with the Palestinians and make peace, the world will end, or something. It’s the “we are running out of time” bullshit. How many years, now, have we heard that Israel is running out of time to make peace? I believe it’s going on five or six years. In the meantime, as usual, there is no pressure put on Mahmoud Abbas to sit down and make peace. In fact, he’s just appointed a new prime minister who will look the other way as Abbas and his cronies steal billions of dollars in aid money–just like they did before Salam Fayaad took the job. I note that the Kerry State Department had nothing to say about that. Gee. Why is that, we wonder? (No, we really don’t.) And last, but not least: Israelis are unmoved by Kerry’s theatrics. As they should be.

Oh no we di-int: Russia says that the Dorktator was lying when he said they’d sent him the S300 missiles. I am not surprised, but then again–Russia is not a nation known for being truthful. Or good to Israel.

Country with no air force warns Israel not to fly over it: I’m sure Israel will take this into account if it has to bomb an Iranian nuclear weapons factory. And I totally believe the U.S. wouldn’t violate Iraqi airspace to do the same. Totally.

Red on red: Pass the popcorn and enjoy! Now this is interesting. I don’t think it will come to anything but words, but six Gulf Arab nations are considering taking action against Hezbollah for their support of Syria. Say, tell me again about the Arab Nation. The one where all Arabs are brothers and Israel is an interloper on their land, and boy, you just better watch out because they speak as one… Bwahahahaha!

Gee, ya think? UN officials have noticed that nuclear talks with Iran seem to be going nowhere. What clued you in, Sherlocks? The years of cheating and retreating that you’ve been ignoring?

“To be frank, for some time now, we have been going around in circles. This is not the right way to address issues of such great importance to the international community, including Iran,” he stated.

Brilliant people, those UN negotiators.

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