Sunday news roundup

The word of the day is “irrelevant”: Pay no attention to the Obama administration follies. Your questions about where Obama was on the night of the embassy siege is irrelevant. Your questions about whether or not it was illegal for the IRS to target conservative groups for extra attention and harrassment is irrelevant. That’s the new Obama spin: Whatever questions he doesn’t want to answer are irrelevant. They don’t matter. He’s outraged, you see. The Republicans are out to get him, you see.


Upping the ante: Netanyahu puts the world on alert that he will interdict arms transfers to Hezbollah. Ron Ben Yishai tells us what he thinks will happen with the advanced Russian missiles that are about to be sent to Syria. (Hint: I think he’s saying Russia isn’t going to ship them anytime soon.)

Sure, a legitimate government: The next time anyone tells you that Iran is run by a legitimate government, realize that you are talking to an idiot. Because the religious leaders won’t allow women to run for president. Say, where are the human rights activists’ outrage? Calling Code Pink….

Sure, NOW you’re interested in the Obama administration’s overreach: Now that the scandal is about Obama attacking the media, the media is all over it like flies on crap. Benghazi? Big yawner. Tea Party being targeted by the IRS? Called them liars. The DOJ seizes AP telephone records? HELP! MURDER! CALL THE POLICE! SEND IN THE MARINES! HELP!

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