Yom HaShoah in the news

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. I’ve already read the shitty comments by the Jew-haters on Yahoo News, which reminds me that posting about this event is not optional, and never will be.

This is the Ynet article about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, sans hateful comments. If you must read filth, go here. Also, the article for today has only been online for two hours, but the Jew-haters are around there, too. Gee. There was a surge in anti-Semitic incidents in 2012? Who knew?

An Algemeiner opinion piece on remembrance. (If you’re not reading Algemeiner, you should be.)

The history of a Holocaust memorial in the U.K., which had “nothing to do with Britain“. Oh, those wacky Brits! If they had opened Palestine to the Jews of Europe, would there have been death camps? Hm. Let’s think.

Terrorists launch a rocket into Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Quel suprise. Oh, and an Israeli hacker hacked anti-Israel hackers. We need to go deeper. (That’s in Inception reference.)

And last, not least, the Prime Minister of Israel at Yad Vashem today:

Netanyahu stated that anti-Semitic hatred “has not disappeared, it has been switched with murderous hatred against the state of the Jews. What has changed is our ability to defend ourselves.”

The prime minister stated that while Israel appreciated the efforts of the world to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Israel “cannot forfeit our security to other nations…not even to our closest allies.”

Israel passed the six million threshhold this year. There are more than six million Jews living in our ancient homeland. The number is significant, but so is the fact that only now, nearly seven decades after Germans murdered their last Jew, the worldwide Jewish population has finally equaled what it was in 1939. And there is a country–Iran–that wants to destroy nearly half of it.

Am Yisrael chai. Say kaddish for our martyrs, and prayers for the continuance of the Jewish state. That’s what Israel does.

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