Your Thursday sniefs

Yeah, I’m thinking the motive was far less noble: Hugo Chavez begged not to die as he supposedly suffered a heart attack. His last words? “Please don’t let me die.” The general passes along the bullshit that he only wanted to live to serve his country. Right. He served $2 billion right into his own pockets. And yet, he is still dead. El Presidente is just not as powerful as he thought he was.

British Arab P.O.S. anti-Semite gets his comeuppance: This guy is a real piece of work, a Jew-hater and an Islamist. But he finally got suspended by the House of Lords for his anti-Semitic remarks about why he went to jail for a fatal car crash that he caused by texting while driving. No, it wasn’t the Jews, Ahmed. It was youse. Denying the interview doesn’t work this time, because there’s proof. Asshole. But it’s taken the Brits years to decide they’ve finally had enough of his bile. Because after all, it’s just anti-Semitism.

International Support Apostates and Blasphemers Day: It’s not a joke. There are lawyers all over the world trying to help Muslims who are being tried and prosecuted under their nations’ blasphemy laws. But hey, let’s talk about how Christians in the U.S. are doing something awful sometime. Because it’s the same thing, isn’t? It’s all religion, right? (Insert eye roll here)

Banned because it’s true: Egypt banned a film about the modern exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Why? Because it makes Egypt look like a Jew-hating nation that drove out its Jews and stole their property? Hm. Let’s think about this. The Muslim Brotherhood leadership says they don’t hate Jews… hm… must think longer. Click on the link to see the trailer. It looks like an excellent film.

Time for another bullshit puff piece on how Mahmoud Abbas wants peace: Read this Reuters article and do me a favor? Find the relevance. Find the new information. Find the reason for it to exist other than to make Abbas look like he’s the peacemaker and Israel isn’t.

So now we have to ban shotguns, too: You don’t need an AR-15 or a semi-automatic pistol to kill a lot of people. This guy murdered four and wounded two more before being shot by police. Can we finally stop saying that it’s the gun culture of America doing this and admit our system of finding the mentally ill before they blow up and grab a gun is the issue?

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