Darkness Rising makes it into the Times Dispatch

Darkness Rising: Book One of The Catmage Chronicles made it into my local paper. Alas, they don’t review self-published books. And they don’t link to them on Amazon, either, which is missing a crucial form of revenue, if you ask me.

But I will. Trade paperback or ebook, also available for Nook. And here’s the ebook on Kobo for my international visitors. And here’s the blurb. Tell your friends and family to buy my book. It’s for the good of the blog. The happier I am, the more I post. The more books I sell, the happier I am.

The Catmage Chronicles It’s been hundreds of years since the Darkness last surfaced, a grim time when both humans and Catmages lost their lives. But now the Wild Ones work with humans again, and thirteen-year-old Andy Cohen gets the surprise of his life when a talking cat shows up in his front yard.

Goldeneyes, a powerful Catmage, needs Andy’s help. Her grandmother—the wisest, most powerful Catmage alive—is missing, and her trail leads straight to Andy’s town. But there’s a problem: Goldeneyes doesn’t like humans very much, and Andy is impulsive and reckless. They have to learn how to work together, and they need to do it before the Wild Ones kill Nafshi and steal her powerful Magelight.

In the first installment of this new series, the reader enters a world of magical cats, dark powers, and a boy who finds himself entangled in their war.

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