The single biggest threat to Mideast peace

A group of EU diplomats have identified the single greatest threat to Mideast peace.

It’s not the war in Syria.

It’s not the lawlessness in Libya.

It’s not the Islamists in Egypt.

It’s not the fact that the PA has refused to hold talks with Netanyahu in years.

It’s not the current rioting by Palestinians all over the West Bank.

It’s not the tens of thousands of rockets in Southern Lebanon.

It’s not the ongoing plots by Hezbollah to murder Jews and Israelis all over the world.

Long-time readers of this blog know exactly what the EU diplomats think that the biggest threat to Middle East peace is:


Particularly settlements in the eastern half of Jerusalem.

Once again, those nasty settlements are raising their ugly heads. Count of Palestinians murdered by settlements: Zero. Count of Israelis murdered by Palestinian terror and rocket attacks: In the thousands.

Yes, indeed. Those settlements are an absolute threat. Not the rockets raining down or threatening Israel. Not Iran’s plans of encirclement.


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2 Responses to The single biggest threat to Mideast peace

  1. Veeshir says:

    They’re a parody of a satire of an opium dream.

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    Makes perfect sense. No matter what they say about Israel and settlements Israel and the Jews are not going to wage a terrorist czampaign against them. If they publicly recognized the real obstacles to peace, Iranian-backed, Salafist and Wahhabbi-backed, or home-grown Muslim terrorists might appear all over the place, not just episodically as heretofore.

    That’s “Realism” dontcherknow.

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