Tuesday briefs

One can only hope: Hassan Nasrallah is reportedly being treated for cancer. A fast-acting one, it seems.

The “nonviolent” intifada, now with Grad rockets! A rocket landed on the outskirts of Ashkelon. Good to know that Mahmoud Abbas is heeding Netanyahu’s calls to calm his people down. Because the rocket was launched by Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade. You know, part of that oh-so-convenient terrorist military wing.

Right. Nonviolent: Soldiers hurt. Riots throughout the West Bank. Sure. Nonviolent.

The missile defense, cont’d: Israel successfuly tested a missile defense system that will eventually be able to knock a ballistic missile out of the sky. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Iran.

Really, Hollywood? Really? So they hired Seth McFarlane to host the Oscars. The man’s shows are all filled with tasteless, obscene, sexist and racist jokes. He made tasteless, obscene, sexist, and racist jokes as the Oscar host. And nobody expected this would happen? For the record, I laughed at most of them, including–yes, really–the routine with Ted and the Hollywood jokes. Were they offensive? Yep. Were they funny? Yep.

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