Got a big one in Syria

There was a HUGE hit in Syria on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. A general was assassinated in Syria. If I were a betting person, I’d say that Israel has agents inside the country that are helping the rebels.

None of the dozens of rebel groups fighting in Syria claimed responsibility for the killing, though all are outspoken about their enmity for Iran because of its consistent support for Assad’s regime.

The AP, of course, spins the story in the weirdest way possible. Does it headline that the general was assassinated? Well, they started that way with the blurbs. But now the focus is on–yes, really–mourning him.

Iran Mourns Slain Senior Military Commander
Prominent Iranian politicians and clerics led mourners at a funeral Thursday for a senior commander of the country’s powerful Revolutionary Guards who was killed this week while traveling from Syria to Lebanon, local media said.

Also, get this part:

The semiofficial Fars news agency identified the slain commander as Gen. Hassan Shateri, and said he was in charge of reconstruction projects in southern Lebanon. He was killed on the road linking Damascus with Beirut on Wednesday, it said.

Really? Reconstruction projects? What would those be? This was
the guy who helped rebuild southern Lebanon after Israel bombed it in the last war.

Gen. Shateri headed Iran’s efforts to help southern Lebanon rebuild after the 2006 war with Israel, according to Iranian media, which said he had arrived in Beirut immediately after the conflict. In Lebanon, Gen. Shateri worked under the alias Husam Khoshnevis, according to Iranian and Lebanese media, which have quoted Gen. Shateri and published his picture under that name in articles discussing rebuilding activities, suggesting he was hiding his military background while serving in a civilian role.

In other words, he led the effort to bring in more missiles hidden in more civilian houses for the next war. The AP utterly whitewashes this, and the WSJ doesn’t do a very good job pointing it out, either. (Which is why you read this site, of course, because I give you the information the news media withholds.)

Good riddance to bad rubbish. May there be more joining him, and soon.

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