Wednesday Israel briefs

Kosher pigs are flying: The AP has an article about religious Israeli Jews that seems almost balanced. But don’t worry, their anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bias remains strong (see below).

Funny, I never see this on the AP wire: Israel destroyed six homes built without permits, but nobody but the Israeli press seems to be noticing. That’s odd. Hm. Wonder why that is? Oh, right. They’re Jewish squatters, not Palestinian, so it’s not a human rights issue or anything.

Guilt by association: The AP doesn’t have Avigdor Lieberman to kick around anymore, since he resigned as Foreign Minister. But that’s not stopping them from slamming Netanyahu for Lieberman’s words. It’s more than a slam. They are drawing a clear line between what Lieberman says and what Netanyahu thinks.

A powerful partner of Israel’s prime minister says sanctions and negotiations will not stop Iran from pursuing its disputed nuclear program.

So this “partner” is so powerful that he’s no longer in the government, and yet, he controls what happens. Hey, that sounds just like what everyone says about Jews influencing, gee, America. Awesome! The AP has found a new level of anti-Semitism: Jews out of power influencing Jews in power! Woo!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu often hints about a possible strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Lieberman stepped down from his post two months ago after he was indicted for breach of trust in a fraud and money-laundering case. But he remains a powerful lawmaker and Netanyahu’s top political ally.

Have I mentioned lately how much I loathe most of the AP writers and editors?

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