Monday morning briefs

Think the AP will cover this? Egypt is pumping water into smuggling tunnels, without caring if there are people in them. Imagine the world outcry if Israel did this. Double standards? Yeah, we got that. Oh, and the AP thought it was much more important to cover the detainment of a Palestinian AP photographer than to cover this story.

Israel Derangement Syndrome starts early: I get a lot of Israel stories in my news feed, including from college newspapers. I challenge you to find the details of the headline in this Stanford story about a UN simulation in one of their classes. I couldn’t.

The headline: “Students debate Iran’s nuclear program in United Nations simulation.” The lead:

“As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council [UNSC], the delegation of France formally requests that Israel join the [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty],” the delegation chair of the French Republic said.

Gasps rose from delegates at the emergency UNSC session as the American delegation huddled urgently outside. Called to speak by the chair, the Americans rushed to the lectern as foreign delegates scrambled to find out exactly why the world’s western powers had demanded transparency from the Israeli nuclear program.

Yep. Teach ’em early that in a debate about whether or not a terror-sponsoring nation like Iran should get nuclear weapons, you immediately go on the offensive against–Israel. This is why the BDS movement is gaining traction on college campuses.

Don’t bend over backward or anything: This is what passes for an argument against anti-Semitism in the major Pakistani paper.

This silence in the Muslim world reflects the deep anti-Semitism rife in the Islamic world. To most Muslims, there is no difference between ‘Jew’, ‘Zionist’ and ‘Israeli’. This ignorance and prejudice is reinforced by the virtual absence of any personal contact between Muslims and Jews.

Wow, that looks about right. But wait, there’s more!

It is certainly true that the Palestinian conflict has fuelled the virulent anti-Semitism rife in the Muslim world today.

And yes, there’s more.

Israelis have long equated criticism of their country with anti-Semitism, seeking to use this ploy to silence its critics. Even Jewish detractors of Israel are subjected to this slur by the powerful Zionist lobby in the US. But by using shrill anti-Semitic rhetoric, Muslims have undercut their own credibility. Now, even rational criticism of Israel is ascribed to anti-Semitism. Ultimately, this has damaged the Palestinian cause.

Even Muslims writing about Muslim anti-Semitism can’t stop themselves from blaming Israel as the cause. Do us a favor: Don’t do us any favors.

No side boobs: The dress code memo for the Grammy awards was leaked. The memo is ignored every year. And yes, side boobs are really banned from the Grammys.

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