Sunday briefs

The era of entitlement: A high school girl was removed from classes after violating the school’s policy on hair coloring (natural colors only). Her mother says that she refuses to change her daughter’s pink and purple hair and will be fighting the school. Parents sign a policy that includes dress code and hair coloring at the beginning of every year. This is what happens when you raise a generation that wins trophies just for showing up. Pick another school district if you want your daughter to keep her pinnk and purple hair, and get over it, you selfish, entitled person.

Oh, look. Obama is pivoting to the economy again: Not that I intend to watch the SOTU address, but Obama has realized that maybe things aren’t so hot out there for millions of Americans who were laid off and still can’t find work, or who were downsized to part-time and lost their benefits (present, and if you want to send people the link to my book so I can make a little extra money during these hard times, that would be lovely). So he’s going to talk about the economy and jobs. Is he going to do something about it, like, say, approve the Keystone Pipeline? Shyeah. Don’t hold your breath on that. He’s too busy making new regulations at a record pace, which is costing us three times as much to do business as, well, ever.

The Imperial Presidency: Obama thinks he can kill Americans without due process if he wants to.

Shocking, I know: Hamas and Fatah got together and didn’t come to an agreement. Again. Also, Hamas is blaming Abbas. Gee, after all those nice words were said in Egypt just last week. I’m so disappointed, aren’t you?

Israel puts Hezbollah on notice: Israel will attack Syria any time it thinks that game-changing weapons are heading to Lebanon. Makes sense to me. Weapons from Libya wound up in Mali and Yemen. Since the Obama administration is unwilling to make sure this doesn’t happen in Syria, Israel must protect itself.

Israel, he said, has defined four types of weapons whose transfer to militant groups would not be tolerated: advanced air defense systems, ballistic missiles, sophisticated shore-to-sea missiles and chemical weapons.

Israel has twice attacked Syria successfully without loss of any planes or men. Do I think this will stop Hezbollah from trying to get sophisticated weapons? Of course not. But I don’t think they’ll succeed in getting them from Syria.

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