Thursday briefs

You know where you can stick your missiles: Turkey’s Defense Minister says that the Patriot missiles installed there–at Turkey’s request, to guard against Syrian missiles–are really there to help Israel against Iranian missiles. Fine. I say withdraw all U.S. support from Turkey, the Islamist state that is doing everything it can to work with our Islamist enemies, including funding terrorists. Screw Turkey.

Those objective journalists: This is why I read EVERYTHING about Israel by non-Israeli sources with a jaundiced eye. The Financial Times mideast reporter accused Israel of bribing Bulgaria in order to blame Hezbollah for the terrorist bombing that killed five Israelis and the Bulgarian driver. He apologized for it, and yet–he tweeted the thought in the first place.

I would like to take this moment to say that I personally can’t stand using Twitter, but I love it for the honesty it shows from so many, many people who are too effing stupid to understand that once you send something across the intertubes, you can’t get it back.

Loving Julie Burchill: I remember her as one of the few voices of support for Israel during the early days of my blogging career. Here’s a profile of her. A bit depressing, because she also mentions how anti-Semitic the U.K. has become.

Iran’s Stealth Fighter is Probably an Elaborate Fraud: See title. (No! Really?)

Stop making sense: Barry Rubin on why Obama is going to Israel. If you’re still not reading Barry regularly, you are missing one of the best analysis of Israel anywhere. Also, Barry’s books are available as free ebooks. I’ll be posting links later.

No peace with you, Great Satan! Iran’s Supreme Leader (and gee, a country with democratic elections, as Chuck Hagel said, is run by a guy called “Supreme Leader”, which is the most democratic title EVAH!) says Iran will not negotiate with the U.S. over its nukes. Well, I’m surprised. No, really. Because they usually do the cheat-and-retreat bit a lot less openly. They must be getting close to an atomic bomb if they feel they can slap Obama in the face this openly. And note that the media will not tally this up as a loss for Obama, because he never loses, you see. I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame Israel for it.

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  1. Yohnitzl says:

    ‘[…] how antisemitic the UK has become.’ I love Julie Burchill too; but exactly when was the UK not antisemitic? English antisemitism has mostly (not only) been part of a wider picture in which it’s essential to Englishness to despise all white Foreigners. (Anti-non-white racism has had a different but overlapping ‘constituency’.)

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