Friday briefs

How’m I doing? Ed Koch, a New York Jewish icon, died this morning. The liberal world cast him out because he endorsed George W. Bush in 2004, but it’s one of the things that made me respect him even more–the ability to ignore party lines in favor of country. People from the rest of the nation probably know about him, but he was larger than life to those of us from the New York area. This is why:

Commuters walking across the Brooklyn Bridge during the first day of an 11-day transit strike in 1980 were startled to find the bald, 6-foot-1-inch mayor cheering for them. He called critics “wackos,” welfare advocates “poverty pimps,” told visiting Soviet schoolchildren that their government was “the pits” and said a crack-smoking lawyer accused of killing his daughter should be “boiled in oil.”

May his memory be a blessing.

Don’t think we’re going to have to worry about SecDef Hagel: How bad was he? This bad. And this bad. And this bad. He was so bad, people are feeling sorry for Chuck Schumer, who put his reputation on the line for the president over this jackass. Oh, and MJ Rosenberg, a proudly-declared self-hating Jew, felt confident enough in Hagel’s nomination to admit that Hagel was lying through his teeth yesterday. Rosenberg is a despicable douche. Here’s hoping he has to break out the Kleenex when his Jew-hating hero withdraws his nomination for SecDef.

Score one for Hague: Well, that’s a surprise. The U.K.’s foreign minister is refusing to condemn Israel over the bombing of anti-aircraft missiles at a Syrian military base. Now, if only he would stop pretending that the Palestinians want to negotiate with Israel. They don’t. They’re trying to create a state by fiat.

Oh, that’ll work: This is interesting. Washington is warning Syria not to transfer weapons to Hezbullah. Not that we think Assad is going to listen. But it was interesting.

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3 Responses to Friday briefs

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    “And if you do transfer any weapons to Hezbollah, we’ll warn you again.”

    This administration is the one that for years has been telling Iran that it will not be allowed to get nukes. Yeah, I can see the dorktator shaking in his Gucchis over this bold stroke of Smart Diplomacy. At least the US didn’t condemn Israel for the heinous crime of defending itself against its enemies.

    Arabs, of course, threw the usual hissy fits, according to the Y-Net article. I am always amused by the reaction of the Arab states that claim to be at war with Israel, and their buddies, screeching with outrage when Israel takes steps to defend itself from them. Hey guys, if you are at war with another state, you have no right to complain if it takes warlike actions against you if it deems them necessary.

    If Israel’s enemies wanted peace, there would be peace tomorrow. They want war; they shall have it.

  2. Gary Rosen says:

    “If Israel’s enemies wanted peace, there would be peace tomorrow. They want war; they shall have it.”

    That has been true since 1948.

  3. Michael Lonie says:


    In August 1967 Israel offered to return all the land captured in the recent war except East Jerusalem. What Israel wanted was a negotiated peace with recognized borders afterward. In September the Arabs declared the “Three No’s of Khartoum:” No negotiations, no recognition, no peace.

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