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Countdown to the end of the oil weapon: Australia is joining the club of nations who can supply themselves and others with oil. A huge shale oil deposit was found in the south. Israel, Cyprus, Australia, America, Canada–pretty soon, the Arab and Muslim oil nations will be selling only to each other. Three cheers for the collapse of the oil ticks!

Yet another anti-Semitic Arab: But they keep telling us it’s not anti-Semitism, it’s anti-Zionism. You be the judge.

“This Zionist Entity is planted, like a cancerous tumor, in the body of the Arab and Islamic nation,” the referee said in a recent interview with Egyptian television. “We must tear it out and, until we do, we must fight it as much as we can.”

Think there will be any penalties issued by FIFA? Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not like he insulted Islam or anything important like that.

But I thought they were going to the hard right: Netanyahu is offering Yair Lapid the post of Foreign Minister or Treasury if he will join Netanyahu’s coalition. To repeat: Yesh Atid’s two major planks are restarting peace talks with the Palestinians and universal draft for Israelis (as a step in bringing the religious ultra-Orthodox Jews into everyday Israeli life–he also wants them to get jobs and study Torah in their spare time instead of full-time). You know, American religious Jews manage to work and study Torah at the same time. I might well have voted for Lapid myself if I were Israeli. Oh, and watch the MSM totally misreprsent Lapid’s positions. He’s on the same page as most of Israel–no unilateral concessions, no splitting of Jerusalem.

Well, that was fast: No sooner did I write the above paragraph than I found this by the AP:

Lapid has said he wants Israel to make a serious push for peace, though it is unclear how far he will press the issue in coalition negotiations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In recent public appearances, he has barely breached the issue, focusing instead on domestic economic concerns.

I was wrong. They’re tarring him with the anti-Israel brush before he’s even made a deal with Bibi. And what’s the headline of the article? “Palestinian leader reaches out to Israel centrists”. Yep, they’re already carrying Abbas’ water. Israelis give Yesh Atid enough votes to make them the second-biggest party in the Knesset. Their main plank is peace with the Palestinians. But who’s doing the “outreach”? Mahmoud Abbas. Perhaps the AP should be rechristened “Abbas Propaganda”. Here’s what the AP labels Bibi:

Netanyahu is a hardliner and may balk at excluding right-wing parties from his coalition in order to move forward with peace talks.

No, there’s no anti-Israel bias in the AP at all. None whatsoever.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    “Anti-Zionism” is just a rather tattered fig-leaf for what is really antisemitism.

    “Zionist Entity” eh? I like to refer to our fiends the Saudis as ruling The Wahhabist Entity. I think I’ll start calling Egypt The Land of Misri. In Arabic the word for Egypt is misr, and adding an -i suffix indicates an Egyptian. I like childish puns, obviously, but if the Arabs are going to act like evil children, I don’t see why I should not indulge my sense of humor at their expense.

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