Hamas to media: Visiting the Western Wall is a “provocation”

But really, they’re moderating. Israel just needs to withdraw to the 1949 Armistice lines and Hamas will be all happy and everything will be great.

Except it won’t.

A spokesman for Hamas said that a visit to the Kotel–the retaining wall of the First and Second Jewish Temples–by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a “provocation”. Note how Reuters didn’t name the Hamas bigot.

The Palestinians called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to visit the Western Wall after casting his ballot in a Jerusalem school a “provocation.”

“Netanyahu is trying to gain more Israeli votes on Election Day by provoking the Muslims and soiling the holy sites,” a top Hamas figure said. The Islamist group also called for an uprising in the West Bank as a result of the “recurrent provocations.”

Got that? Visiting Judaism’s holiest site is “soiling” it.

They don’t want peace. They want all of Israel as Palestine. But don’t worry, their water carriers in the MSM will continue to publish hit pieces on Netanyahu and ignore the rejectionism of the Palestinians.

Victory would mean another term for a man who already has served a total of six years as prime minister, more than anyone besides the country’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion, who spent nearly 14 years in the top post.

Yet Netanyahu has surprisingly little to show for his efforts on the diplomatic stage.

The reason is the 63-year-old Netanyahu’s stand-pat approach: He has refrained from taking bold, yet criticized, steps like those of his predecessors — Ehud Barak’s peace offers to Syria and the Palestinians or Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Gee, I wonder why Netanyahu has refrained from repeating the mistakes of his forbears. Could it be because of Hamastan in Gaza? The years of missile strikes on Israel’s civilians? The continued terror attacks and kidnapping of soldiers? No, those can’t possibly be the reason.

Since his 2009 election, Netanyahu instead has sent mixed messages on a variety of fronts. He grudgingly accepted the notion of a Palestinian state in parts of the West Bank, and imposed a partial freeze in settlement building to allow a resumption of peace talks. But he also questioned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ commitment to peace and angered the world with renewed settlement construction.

Oh, right. It’s the settlements that are the problem. I keep forgetting. It’s not statements like this from Israel’s so-called peace partner:

“I challenge anyone to deny the relationship between Zionism and Nazism before World War II,” Abbas said.

No. It’s the “mixed messages” sent by Bibi. And the whitewash by the AP. Notice what’s missing from this brief biography?

Netanyahu followed his older brother Yonatan’s footsteps in the elite Sayeret Matkal military commando unit. Yonatan died in 1976 while commanding a raid that freed Israeli and Jewish hostages from a hijacked plane at Entebbe, Uganda. His death became etched in Israeli lore, catapulting the Netanyahu family into the national spotlight.

Who were the hostages being rescued from? Palestinian terrorists. Why is that not important enough to mention in the above paragraph? Because it shows the Palestinians in a bad light.

Well, the MSM is going to be very, very unhappy with Israel for the next few years. It’s looking like Netanyahu will be re-elected. And the voter turnout was the highest since 1999. In spite of what the president of the U.S. thinks, Israelis do know what their own best interests are. They just don’t intersect with what Obama wants them to be.

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One Response to Hamas to media: Visiting the Western Wall is a “provocation”

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Not just Palestinian terrorists but German Communists working for the PLO, and with Ugandan official complicity in the crime. Compounding the affront was a sinister separation of Jewish passengers from the non-Jewish passengers by their captors, deliberately reminiscent of Nazi genocide.

    The French captain of the Air France airplane, with great courage, tried to stay with the Jewish passengers, to share their fate, but was bundled away with the other released passengers and crew.

    I always have remembered how magnificent the news was that almost all the passengers had been rescued by Zahal, after so many days of tension. The good news was made even better in that it came on July 4, 1976. An auspicious day. I think it was one of the most magnificent small-unit raids in military history. It was also a warning to the enemies of the Jewish People that once again, after 1800 years, there were Soldiers of Israel, who would go anywhere to protect Jewish people from those who would kill them.

    It is typical of Zahal that the only man killed in this commando raid was a Lieutenant Colonel; lead from the front is the watchword. Jonathan Netanyahu was truly heroic, as were his comrades.

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