MLK Day briefs

No work for you? Yeah, that’s because you’re not part-time with no holidays or benefits.

Al-Qaeda isn’t quite dead yet: The WaPo on how Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is the hottest Jihadi group on the block now that the one in Afghanistan has been semi-defeated. (It’s like trying to close your hand around Jell-O, really. Can’t get all of it inside your fist.) But don’t worry, it’s not like any of this is our fault or anything. Or that they’re well-trained and effective. Oh. Wait.

The attack in Algeria revealed AQIM’s broad pool of recruits and its well-organized and -equipped force. Algerian officials sorting through the dead and captured say the militants who attacked the natural gas facility on Jan. 16 included not only Algerians but also Libyans, Egyptians, Mauritanians and Persian Gulf Arabs. The assailants were well-trained and armed with what appear to have been weapons from the late Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s arsenal. They held off hundreds of Algerian troops for four days before being crushed in an assault that left dozens dead among the militants and their captives.

It’s good to know they were using Libyan weapons and quite possibly U.S.-paid for training. Because it’s not like anyone was worried that terrorists would take advantage of things like that. Oh. Wait.

Israeli Double Standard Time: So what? If Mohamed Morsi can call Jews “sons of apes and pigs” and teach that they should be hated forever, how is this even a blip on the radar?

A U.S.-born candidate for Israel’s parliament could be disqualified from the race after a TV channel aired footage of him appearing to call for one of Islam’s holiest shrines to be “blown up.”

You know what this short AP piece doesn’t mention? How important the Temple Mount is to Jews. This is their backhanded way of acknowledging that the Temple Mount is even involved:

The compound is sacred to both Jews and Muslims. Gimpel says his comments were a “joke.”

Downplaying the Jewish connection to the religion’s most holy site? Check. Playing up the Islamic connection to the same site? Check. Not even using the words “Temple Mount” or “site of the original Jewish Temples”? Check. AP media bias and anti-Israel bias? Yeah, we got that.

The apartheid libel, again: Yeah, yeah, yeah, here we go again, and of course, the AP is lapping it up with a spoon. “If Netanyahu is elected, Israel will become an apartheid state!” Got news for you, moron. The Palestinians already run an apartheid state. Just ask the Christians in Gaza. Oh. Wait. You can’t, there are only about a thousand or so left.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Anybody actually living as a dhimmi under the strictures of Sharia could call it Apartheid and be correct. Throughout the Muslim countries the movement to implement Sharia is spreading, as we see now in Egypt. Whatever its comparison to treatment of Jews by Christians in Medieval times (and Maimonides opined to the Jews of Al-Yemen that nobody was worse for the Children of Israel than were the followers of Muhammed), by 21st century standards Sharia treatment of so-called protected minorities is vile. It’s pretty vile in other respects, too.

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