Monday morning briefs

Those Israeli films nominated for Oscars? They’re both anti-Israel films. Gee, what a shock.

Gee, this will end well: The EU is working on another peace plan that they intend to ram down Israel’s throat. They UN is also trying to get Syrian war crimes to the ICC and the Palestinians are trying to get the UN Security Council to condemn Israel. Gee, I wonder which one will happen first and which one not at all?

Howler of the year: The AP has this paragraph in the lead of its latest anti-Israel settlement stories:

The activists had pitched more than two dozen tents at the site on Friday, laying claim to the land and drawing attention to Israel’s internationally condemned settlement policy.

Really? They did it to draw attention to Israel’s settlement policy? Because I had no idea there were any Israeli settlements. Anywhere. Ever.

Oh, look. Another Palestinian terrorist group: Don’t worry, the mainstream media won’t acknowledge that it’s a terrorist group. They also won’t acknowledge that the “protestors” on the Temple Mount are actually rioters, and that terror groups are heavily involved in these “protests,” or that Mahmoud Abbas knows all about what’s going on. Terror attacks are up sharply, but not being noticed by any but the Israeli media. But that’s why they’re known as the lamestream media.

I’ll be damned. I actually agree with something a politician named Paul says.

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