A friend in need

I’ve mentioned Clarkesworld Magazine (a monthly online SF and fantasy magazine) to you before. Neil Clarke, the editor/publisher is an old friend and a huge science fiction reader/fan. He started an online magazine in 2006. He’s won the Hugo twice, and professional writers like John Scalzi champion Clarkesworld Magazine.

Neil had a heart attack this past summer and was subsequently fired from his job. He got a new contracting position, but he’s going in for a defibrillator tomorrow and will likely not get the job on a permanent basis. HOWEVER–if he can get a certain number of Amazon subscriptions, it will be enough to live on and become a professional editor. The only thing stopping Clarkesworld from being a pro magazine instead of a fanzine is that Neil cannot yet support himself as its editor.

He’s going to expand the amount of fiction published each month to bring more content to entice more subscribers. It’s only $1.99 a month. And if you don’t want to subscribe, there’s always the donation page.

Some of you may remember this picture of a snow Dalek from reddit. That’s Neil with one of his boys.

It’s an excellent magazine, and Neil is an excellent person and a great friend.

So go, subscribe if you like SF and fantasy. And donate if you can.

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