Gun control message fail

The New York Times asked students if they thought The Journal News publishing the names and addresses of gun owners was a good idea. Almost without exception, the students said no.

A random sampling:

Should gun owners have a right to keep what they own, including guns, private?
Yes, I believe that gun owners should be able too keep there right for keeping there gun.

Does revealing the addresses of gun owners, including police and corrections officers, endanger anyone’s safety?
Yes , It does kinda of endanger them with harassment of even, by threats and suspension.

I think the newspaper acted irresponsibly by publishing the address of gun owners. People like to have guns because it keeps them safe. People don’t want their address for everybody to see. He made a good point, knowing where the LEGAL guns are helps criminals. It would be much more helpful to know where the ILLEGAL guns are.

From a pretty smart kid:

I think it was wrong for the newspaper to post this. It violates people’s privacy, especially because they are giving these people’s address’s. That seems to me very irresponsible and rude. Just because the Newtown shooting happened, doesn’t mean we need to freak out about every one who owns a gun. Just because someone owns a gun does not mean they are going to shoot people. I agree that the Newtown shooting was horrible, but it bothers me that people keep saying we need to crack down on gun laws. People who have a desire to kill people will find a way to get a gun if they are really serious, no matter if they own one or not. Adam Lanza did not own a gun, it was his mother’s guns that he used in the Newtown school. Although I disagree with trying to stop people from buying guns, I do think that cracking down on gun laws in other ways is reasonable, for example the amount of ammunition you can buy at a time.

And my personal favorite:

i dont really care about if someone sais its wrong or right. im just tired of people arguing over stupid small stuff like this. i mean really, who cares if they own a gun or not juat as long as they have a license for it i ay its fine. just shows robbers and thuggs what house not to go to if they dont want lead in there chest.

That’s right. Watch out, thuggs! You’re going to get lead in your chest!

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2 Responses to Gun control message fail

  1. Actually this shows the flaws in the educational system. Even smart people (peepul) are being raised to become ignorant.

  2. Elisson says:

    Putting aside the political implications of the question (I happen to agree that the paper had no business identifying gun permit holders), I am depressed because of what this reveals about the up and coming Leaders of America. Yeef.

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