Muslim Brotherhood to Jews: Come home to Egypt, so we can oppress you again

Wow. You just have to take a breath at the utter hubris and hypocrisy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood official called on Jews who immigrated to the Jewish state from Egypt to return to their native country and leave Israel to the Palestinians, Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported on Friday.

Senior Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood official Essam el-Erian said in an interview to television station Dream TV that every Egyptian has the right to live in Egypt, and Egyptian Jews living in Israel were contributing to the occupation of Arab lands, according to the newspaper.

Why wouldn’t Jews want to return to Egypt, where they will live as second-class citizens in a majority-Muslim country where Christians are being forcibly converted and murdered, their churches bombed and their woman abused?

Here’s the absolutely jaw-dropping quote from this moron:

“Egyptian Jews should refuse to live under a brutal, bloody and racist occupation stained with war crimes against humanity,” Erian said.

They are. That’s why they live in Israel now. But wait. It gets better.

“Why did [former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel] Nasser expel them from Egypt?” Erian asked in the interview.

Good question. Let’s go find out!

Between June and November 1948, bombs set off in the Jewish Quarter of Cairo killed more than 70 Jews and wounded nearly 200.2 In 1956, the Egyptian government used the Sinai Campaign as a pretext for expelling almost 25,000 Egyptian Jews and confiscating their property. Approximately 1,000 more Jews were sent to prisons and detention camps. On November 23, 1956, a proclamation signed by the Minister of Religious Affairs, and read aloud in mosques throughout Egypt, declared that “all Jews are Zionists and enemies of the state,” and promised that they would be soon expelled. Thousands of Jews were ordered to leave the country. They were allowed to take only one suitcase and a small sum of cash, and forced to sign declarations “donating” their property to the Egyptian government. Foreign observers reported that members of Jewish families were taken hostage, apparently to insure that those forced to leave did not speak out against the Egyptian government.3

Oh, that’s why. Sure, go on back, Egyptian Jews!

So what is this really about? It’s about Egypt refusing to admit they stole all the property from the 25,000 Jews they expelled–property worth billions by now, and that should be included in any deal about reimbursing Palestinian refugees. Because, if truth be told, the Arab and Muslim nations would have to pay far more in reparations to Jewish refugees than Israel would to Palestinians.

But hey. Let’s not obfuscate the issue with facts.

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2 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood to Jews: Come home to Egypt, so we can oppress you again

  1. otto says:

    …and that’s only Egypt. What about Morocco,Tunisia,Algir,Iraq,Syria,Iran and other countries? 1 million citizens had to leave. Instead of being refugees like tbe palestinians, they build the state of Israel.

  2. In the time of Alexander the Great the Egyptians tried to demand “reparations” for the money that the Jews took out of Egypt during the Exodus. They were told that they would first have to pay the reparations for the original 400 years of slavery. They dropped the claim then.

    Some years ago they tried to claim “reparations” for the refugees. When they were faced with a claim for 400 years of back wages plus 3000 years of back interest they dropped the claim.

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