How Israel avoids civilian deaths (and the world ignores their efforts)

60 civilians were killed in one missile strike in Syria, and there are not worldwide protests or banner headlines. Nor are there outrageously outraged statements from the UNHRC or the Secretary General.

Israel, on the other hand, works very hard to minimize civilian casualties, and from the world, there is… crickets.

Critics of Israel’s actions invariably suggest a lack of concern about collateral damage when air strikes are used, but ‘Major G’ revealed in detail how a drone operator sitting somewhere in Israel can clear a target on the ground in Gaza of innocent civilians.

“In a lot of cases we have regular houses where in the basement there is a lot of ammunition, bombs and missiles. The house is populated sometimes with the families having willingly cooperated with the Hamas, and in other cases they don’t have any choice; Hamas forces this on them. In cases where there are people inside a house or building we never strike the target without prior warning. We make phone calls, send leaflet flier warnings, and sometimes use a technique called ‘Knock On the Roof,’ where we fire very, very small, very precise tiny bombs onto the edge of the roof and then they (the family) know that the attack is about to begin and everybody can go outside.”

Not that the world recognizes Israel’s efforts. But there you have it.

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