Fluffy kitties

I’m tired of the news.

Time for a Tigger break.

Tigger in a bag

And Gracie, too.

Gracie in light and shadow

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2 Responses to Fluffy kitties

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Speaking of fluffy cats, one of the people I gave a copy of your book to for Christmas has almost completed reading it and is very enthusiastic about it. She is a retired school teacher and thinks it is excellent for middle-school readers. She was impressed by the construction of the story, with the suspense growing and being unable to see how they will get out of the dire situation they are in. Sounds like good plotting. She read all the Harry Potter books, so your prediction that those who liked Harry Potter would like your novel seems to be correct. Congratters.

  2. Thanks, Michael. I hope she tells all her teacher friends about it. :-)

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