Thursday, briefly

When the Defector General defects, you’re in big trouble: So the general in charge of stopping people from defecting from Syria has–defected from Syria. Say buh-bye, Baby Assad. I’m sure the Dorktator is wishing hard that the world didn’t have that stupid internet and social media so that he could continue to torture and murder his people with abandon, like his daddy did in the 1980s. But alas, time marches on. Take note, China. Take note.

Third intifada watch: They think it’s the way to get a state, so they’re throwing firebombs at Israeli vehicles. Rocks, too. Oh, and they’re trying to kidnap Israelis. But hey, let’s bring Israel to the ICC.

Don’t worry, the MSM won’t note this, ever: Israel is easing the ban on construction materials in Gaza. That was part of the truce deal. Contrary to Hamas claims, they got hit hard during the last Gaza operation. More Hamas terrorists than civilians were killed, and some of the ones that got hit were big ones. Hamas really did take a big hit, their claims to the contrary. Note that there aren’t any more rockets raining down on southern Israel–for now.

But of course, the AP didn’t print the retraction: The AP gleefully posted articles on the wire about the supposed killing of two Palestinians by Israeli fire on Sunday. Turns out that never happened, and the Palestinians retracted their claims.

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