Wednesday briefs

We don’t need no stinking transparency: The EU told NGO monitor that sure, member countries weren’t following the laws regarding transparency in regards to who is paying for all those EU anti-Israel organizations. And then it threw the lawsuit out, thus negating its own laws. Gee, European bureacrats not following their own laws. What does that remind me of? (Besides the Obama administration, I mean.) Oh, right. L’etat, c’est moi! By the way, you can see those anti-Israel NGOs in action here.

Those deadly apartment buildings: The EU condemns Israel, yet again, for the crime of–wait for it–building apartments. Still waiting for the condemnation of the PA for the unilateral moves at the UN. Oh. Wait. Half the EU nations voted for the faux mini-statelet of East Palestine. The EU is joined by Hamas, which is now calling for more suicide bombings over the planned apartments. Think the EU will condemn Hamas, which is the elected (once, anyway) ruler of Gaza? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. The EU doesn’t condemne terrorism. They won’t even label Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Why? Because the vote has to be unanimous, and some of them aren’t quite sure that Hezbollah blew up Israelis in Bulgaria. Well, hey, Obama likes Israel now, right? Maybe he’ll get them to–Oh. Wait.

And yet, there are no worldwide protests against Assad: You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that all those people who swear they’re only protesting Israel because they believe in human rights, the sanctity of life, etc., etc. are, well, lying. Because I can’t recall a single non-Syrian protest against Assad’s murdering his civilians. The death toll has now topped 45,000, and yet, all those anti-Iraq war, anti-Israel protesters are, well–not protesting. I don’t understand it. Don’t the protestors care that innocent men, women, and children are dying at the hands of a bloodthirsty regime? Or does that picture only work if you insert Jews instead of Arabs (and Persians, with the aid of Iran) doing the killing?

Of course I know the answer to my questions. I didn’t really need to search the Code Pink website (though I did, at the cost of my eyesight, I think) to know that they’re not doing squat to protest the Dorktator’s murdering ways.

The world simply does not give a shit about dead civilians unless they are dead due to Israeli (or American) actions.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Building apartments is evil, but blowing them up is praiseworthy.

    Over a million Muslim Arabs live in Israel. How many Jews still live in theArab countries? Christians and Bahais live and worship freely in Israel. Where is that true in the Arab countries, or other Muslim countries for that matter? And it is Israel the EU and the UN condemn.

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