Wednesday briefs

The timeline of evil: Read this story to see how a Palestinian became a terrorist in a matter of hours.

What the UN recognition of the faux mini-statelet of East Palestine has wrought: The PA forces have stopped cooperating with the IDF in the West Bank. Why?

According to a Palestinian source, the UN’s upgrade of the Palestinian Authority’s status has prompted the change: “The reality after November 29 is not the same as before. After (the vote) any Israeli soldier inside the 1967 lines is a conqueror on occupied land.”

Of course. And the agreements that were signed prior to the recognition, allowing the IDF to pursue terrorists? Just words.

Effing nutjobs: Iran says the Connecticut school shooting was an Israeli conspiracy, and brings out an American nutjob to elucidate. This is the reason I have an Israel Derangement Syndrome category. Latest entry: Sudan captured an Israeli spy vulture. Yes, really.

Nobody cares, because it’s not Israel: Turkey has been named the world’s biggest prison for journalists by Reporters Without Borders. Don’t worry, this won’t get screaming headlines around the world. Because it isn’t Israel. In fact, I’ll bet you right now that this story will fade away with little notice.

Just an FYI: For those of you out there holding up Israel as a nation awash with guns but little gun violence, the picture of that teacher with the rifle that is circulating is probably inaccurate. She’s probably a reservist in the IDF. Because Israel has very strict gun control laws. You can’t compare their situation with ours. We don’t have a mandatory two- and three-year draft of all citizens when they reach 18. And it doesn’t make a difference to the criminals.

“The problem is that the law makes it very difficult for the good people to get guns. The number of legal guns in recent years has gone to around 170,000, but there are a half a million illegal guns floating around the Arab sector, no one knows how many. There’s no reason someone who was a fighter pilot shouldn’t be able to get a license to carry a gun.”

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One Response to Wednesday briefs

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    So they’re on to the vulture squadrons, eh? Pity. It was bad enough when the Mullahs nabbed 14 of our brave squirrel agents a few years ago, and no efforts were made by the CIA (Committee for Intelligencing with Animals) to get them back.

    I love how Arabs think that scientific studies of migratory birds must actually be aimed at spying on their ratholes. Talk about narcissicism. Stories like this one, or the Iranian one on the capture of the squirrels, make them look like idiots. They must take The Onion to be a serious, reputable news source. Hey, why not, the North Koreans do!

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