One more podcast for me

I contributed to Doug Payton’s “Consider This”, the successor to Shire Network News. You can listen here.

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4 Responses to One more podcast for me

  1. Tim says:

    Are any of the other Shire alumni still fighting the good fight? It was my favorite podcast series of all time, and the first place that I heard of a young woman from Richmond with a biting sense of humor…..

  2. “The successor to Shire Network News”? High praise indeed, and a lot to live up to. I’m not there yet, but would like to be.

    Thanks for contributing, Meryl.

  3. Well, Tom had to stop or lose his job. Brian of London isn’t podcasting either. It’s mostly Doug, but I liked it enough that I think I’ll try to contribute a little more frequently than once a year.

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    Good on ya Doug. I didn’t even know about the podcast until Meryl linked to it in this post. I liked SNN a lot too. I hope Tom Paine is making beaucoup bucks there in Oz, and Brian is liking Tel Aviv, if that’s where he is now.

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