Monday briefs

Israel Double Standard Time is in effect: Did you know the Syrians bombed a Palestinian refugee camp yesterday, killing children and women? Of course you didn’t, because Palestinian deaths don’t count unless they are killed by Israelis. The LA Times won’t even say it definitely happened. But don’t worry. The UN is on the case. Ban Ki-Moon “firmly condemns” the bombing.

An intellectual study of anti-Semitism: Here’s a book you won’t see quoted by anti-Israel intellectuals, I’m sure. Because you have idiotic Jews like this one insisting that BDS is not anti-Semitic.

Not sittin’ in a tree: Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad canceled a trip to Turkey over Turkey’s stance on Syria. Turkey is going to host American troops and Patriot missile batteries to stop Syrian incursions into Turkey. Woot! We love it when Israel’s enemies start hating on each other!

And in lighter news: I saw The Hobbit over the weekend and loved it. Some people really, really didn’t. It broke the December box office record. I don’t agree with the critic above. Tolkien was clear that many of the Dwarves had been in the Dwarf and Goblin wars that gave Thorin Oakenshield his name, but then, my inner Tolkien geek would rather see the movies made, even off the books as they are, than not made at all. Sticking exactly to the book would make for a boring movie. Especially the Tom Bombadil scenes.

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