Thursday briefs

Denmark does not like the Jews: Jews are being warned not to wear yarmulkes or religious symbols in public for fear of being attacked. Because the anti-Zionists aren’t anti-Semitic, they’re just anti-Zionists who beat up Jewish people who are wearing kippot and Stars of David or mezuzahs. Hello, 1930s.

Darwin award nominee: How stupid do you have to be to draw a toy gun on an IDF soldier? This stupid. And of course, now the Palestinians are rioting, insisting there was no gun. The AP story, of course, does not mention the fake gun until long after the three paragraphs on riots over the death of a teenager. And they make sure to use the word “teenager,” as opposed to when they describe the deaths of Israelis, who are rarely named or their ages given.

Oh, look, HRW is noticing someone other than Israel: They’re calling Syria out on dropping incendiaries. The Scud missiles? Not yet. Let us not forget that Saddam Hussein sent Scuds into Israel and that they can carry a payload of chemical weapons.

Obama, Clinton, hardest hit: Tzipi Livni is saying pretty much exactly what Bibi said about how the world uses a double standard when judging Israel and Israel’s enemies. She points out that eveyrone knows and expects Israel to keep Maale Adumim and other Jerusalem suburbs. And that the world should not use moral relativity on Israel and the terrorists.

Livni said she was frustrated as an Israeli when the international community compared casualties caused by the IDF, which acts to defend Israel and target terrorists, to those killed by terrorists who target civilians.

“The message terrorists need to hear is that there are things that the international community considers illegitimate,” she said. “It is unacceptable that soldiers feel that they cannot act against those who try to harm them.”

Think she’s trying to move to the center? Of course, Krugman, Friedman et al are going to be horrified at her “rightward” turn.

Turkey is now funding Palestinian lawfare: Awesome. The faux mini-statelet of East Palestine is joining up with the Islamist, Israel-hating Turkey regime to try Israel in international court. Hilarity will not ensue.

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2 Responses to Thursday briefs

  1. Ahuva says:

    The kid wasn’t stupid at all. He gets extra martyr points for being a kid with a toy gun who was shot and killed by big bad Israeli soldiers. None of the American press on the story mentioned that he “walked up to the troops stationed at the checkpoint and pulled a gun on one of the officers” after being asked for identification. The only thing they reported is that a kid with a toy gun was shot. An American audience will picture a little kid (the age that plays with toy guys here) and not a 17-year-old.

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    “According to figures from the Jewish Belief Centre (Mosaisk Trossamfund), the organization has received 37 reports of anti-Jewish incidents this year, predominantly in the heavily immigrant Noerrebro neighborhood and around the Jewish synagogue in central Copenhagen.”

    Sounds like the main culprits are, as so often, Muslim immigrants to Denmark. They’ll be turning on the other Danes themselves soon enough.

    I was amused/outraged by the Spanish and Rome demonstrators calling the Israelis “child-killers.” Israel’s soldiers take immense cares to avoid killing, not just children, but any civilians. That’s one of the reasons for those attacks targeting terrorist bigwigs. The Arab terrorists LOVE killing Jewish children, from Ma’alot to the swine who slit the throats of children in their home one night a couple of years ago. Child-killers are great heroes to the Palestinian Arabs. That’s one of the reasons they so love to target schools in Israel with their filthy rockets. It’s the Arabs’ way of saying to Jews “You have no future here.” Another case of the Anitsemites projecting their own vicious behavior onto the Jews.

    “Denmark’s Jewish community is estimated at between 6,000 and 8,000 people.”

    The Jewish population has grown nicely since the time in WWII when the heroic Danes shipped just about the whole Jewish population of Denmark to Sweden in a single night to save them from the Nazis.

    “No one was hurt in the incident and one person has since been charged in the attack.

    “Avnon said that after the attack, a lower-ranking officer from Denmark’s foreign ministry had called the embassy offering to pay for some of the damage to the building, but that otherwise official Denmark had not reacted to the incident.”

    One person charged so far. We’ll see if there are more. It would be sad to think that two generations after the Danes heroically defied the Nazis (helping Jews could be punished with death under Nazi rule), they would acquiesce in collaboration with Muslim Antisemites also bent on genocide of the Jews.

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