The importance of being Israel

Just out of curiosity, let’s take a look at Yahoo News Mideast headlines over the past 16 hours.

Egyptian army orders protesters out of palace area AP – 2 hrs 32 mins ago
Syria criticizes NATO move on Patriot missiles By ZEINA KARAM – AP – 26 mins ago
Jordan king in West Bank to support Palestinians By DALIA NAMMARI – AP – 46 mins ago
Baghdad, Kurds said to reach security agreement By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA – AP – 55 mins ago
Egypt’s army moves to restore order after protests By HAMZA HENDAWI – AP – 2 hrs 21 mins ago
Syria blasts NATO move on Patriot missiles By ZEINA KARAM – AP – 2 hrs 55 mins ago
Egyptian army deploys tanks at presidential palace By MAGGIE MICHAEL – AP – 3 hrs ago
Israel bars academic from Berlin diplomatic event By AMY TEIBEL – AP – 4 hrs ago
Party of former Israel FM gets boost from defector AP – 4 hrs ago
Jordan king visits West Bank in nod to Palestine AP – 4 hrs ago
Syria official: US exploits chemical weapons issue AP – 5 hrs ago
Gunmen kill 5 policemen south of Iraqi capital By SINAN SALAHEDDIN – AP – 6 hrs ago
Syrian state TV: Bomb blast in Damascus kills 1 AP – 6 hrs ago
Death toll in latest Iran quake rises to 6 AP – 6 hrs ago
Overnight clashes in Cairo kill 5, crisis worsens By HAMZA HENDAWI – AP – 7 hrs ago
Overnight clashes in Cairo kill 3, crisis worsens AP – 8 hrs ago
Islamists battle opponents as Egypt crisis grows By HAMZA HENDAWI and AYA BATRAWY – AP – 13 hrs ago
Syrian civil war spills over into Lebanon By BASSEM MROUE – AP – 16 hrs ago
Egypt descends into political turmoil Associated Press – AP – 18 hrs ago
Report: Morocco honorary consul in Syria killed AP – 16 hrs ago

Fascinating. Twenty articles, Egypt and Syria in crisis and war, the Iran situation remains unchanged, the Saudis and the AP still manages to use up four of them on Israel , one an update on the Jordanian king’s visit to the faux statelet of East Palestine. Nothing on Turkey or Iraq, nothing on the human rights issues in Iran. Presumably these are the headlines sent by the AP news service to sites like Yahoo News, so they’re not chosen by Yahoo’s editors, but by the AP.


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