The day-to-day stuff

In case you’re wondering where the posts are, well, I’m going through another one of those rough phases. I just can’t stand looking at the news sometimes. It’s the same-old, same-old. It’s depressing. It’s anti-Israel, all the time, all the mainstream media.

On top of that, I’m dealing with financial issues again due to being downsized to part-time. I don’t have a reliable, steady paycheck anymore, and COBRA is expensive.

So I’m not in the mood to do my standard posts. The economy is nosediving, and now that the election is over, the media has “discovered” how bad it is. I could have told them about it months ago.

You want to help? Spread the word about my novel. I got my first “royalties” (they’re really profits, not royalties, since I’m my own publisher) from it last week, and will get more at the end of December. It’s nowhere near enough to live on, but it’s a few hundred extra dollars, and that’s helpful.

Meantime, I’m plugging away at the plotting for Books Two through whatever (I’m no longer sure how many books there will be in the series), with a scheduled publication date of “sometime in 2013.”

I really hate uncertain paychecks. I haven’t had to live paycheck to paycheck in a long time. And this time, I don’t even know how much each paycheck is going to be. Fun times.

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  1. louis naylor says:

    God bless you and Israel

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