The faux mini-statelet of East Palestine

The UN General Assembly cheered and roared as the faux mini-statelet of East Palestine–which is, let’s face it, what they really voted for yesterday–was voted a “Non-member observer state”. Like the Vatican. Can “Palestine” vote on UNGA resolutions? Nope. But it can go to the ICC, which is part of Mahmoud Abbas’ plan to delegitimize Israel.

In a fair court, the charges he’ll bring up wouldn’t stand a chance. But there are no fair courts in the UN where Israel is concerned. In order to keep up the appearance that everyone loves “Palestine,” the UNGA kicked out half the members of a Jewish NGO that had been granted passes prior to the vote. In case you were wondering about how even-handed the UNGA is, in 2012, it issued 21 resolutions condemning Israel, and only four referring to the rest of the world. That’s an amazing percentage. Eighty-four percent of UN General Assembly resolutions condemned Israel. Syria has murdered 40,000 of its own people, the vast majority of which were civilians, and they managed to garner only one resolution of disapproval. But it’s not surprising, either, considering that major human rights violators sit on the UN Human Rights Council.

There is no fairness in the UN concerning Israel. There will be none, ever.

The significance of yesterday’s vote was not lost on any regular observer of the Palestinians. Once again, they expropriated Israel’s history. Sixty-five years ago, on November 29th, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted to partition the British protectorate of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state. The Palestinians deliberately chose the anniversary of that date so that the AP would write glowing comparisons of the Palestinians with the early Israelis, while ignoring utterly that the reason there is no state of Palestine is because the Palestinians have refused and refused and refused to negotiate with Israel. They don’t want the faux mini-statelet of East Palestine. When they say “Palestine”, they mean the entire territory of the protectorate–minus Transjordan–from November 28th, 1947. They think that this can be attained via the UN and the ICC.

People forget what “Palestine” was like in 1947. The Jewish state was a collection of bantustans in the worst areas of the territory, and Jerusalem was declared an international zone. (That did not, however, stop the Jews from accepting the partition plan.) Yesterday, the UNGA stated that “Palestine’s” borders were to go to pre-1967 lines–in other words, the 1948 Armistice lines from which the Arabs attacked Israel repeatedly. The UNGA has now recognized the Armistice line in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 242, which states that Israel and the Palestinians must negotiate the return of territories. It is yet another case of the Arab world trying to force Israel into giving back what it lost in battle, in return for… nothing. And remember, Israel never asked for war in 1967, in spite of the lies the Arabs and the complicit anti-Israel media now spread.

So what’s the upshot of the failure of Israel to prevent this vote? Nothing, aside from the upcoming anti-Israel cases in the ICC. It’s ridiculous to blame Netanyahu and Lieberman for this vote. The only one who could have truly influenced it was the American president, and only by threatening to cut off all Palestinian aid, period. Which would never happen. Obama’s people tried to get Abbas to back off and failed. Would another president have succeeded? I have to say I don’t think so. The Palestinians feel perfectly safe in insulting the U.S., knowing that their free lunch from American taxpayers isn’t about to end.

Face it, the majority of the world is on the side of the Palestinians. They have successfully painted themselves as the victims in this story, and of course, they do have a case in that regard. Some of them did lose their homes in the war. But if they had shared the land 65 years ago, there would have been no war, and there would have been a state of Palestine, and it would have celebrated its 65th anniversary, along with Israel, on November 29th.

And so the faux mini-statelet of East Palestine now has observer status in the UN. Hamas rules Gaza with an iron fist. The Palestinian Authority continues to steal funds that are meant for its own people. The world media continues to cover for the Palestinians and slam every move that Israel makes. In other words, it’s business as usual.

The world has never liked the Jews.

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2 Responses to The faux mini-statelet of East Palestine

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    The US, with 5 percent of the world’s population, pays 22 percent of the UN budget, plus a larger proportion of “peacekeeping” operations. Cut it down to five percent period, so wepay in proportion to our population’s perentage. Indeed, since the UN operates on the basis of one country-one vote, we should pay only 1/192nd (or is that 1/193rd now?) of the UN budget (and one kept at rock-bottom size; the UNers can embezzle enough from that, they don’t need more). That’s a reasonable price to pay for continuing to be able to exercise our veto power in the Security Council in order to prevent SC resolutions against ourselves and our friends and allies.

  2. Joshua says:

    What puzzles me is why the U.S. gives any aid to the Palestinian Authority at all. The majority of the world may be on the side of the Palestinians, but the majority of the American people are not. Judging from the UN vote, there are 138 countries which apparently are more enthusiastic about the Palestinians than the U.S. is. Maybe the PA should get its aid from those countries instead.

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