Tuesday briefs

That’s because they’re terrorists, stupid: Israel halted fire on Gaza when the prime minister of Egypt visited. Ban Ki-Moon is in Israel? No problem. Hamas lobbed missiles at Jerusalem minutes before Ban was due to arrive.

Okay, Jeffrey, I admit it: I was wrong about Obama not supporting Israel. He’s been a steadfast ally throughout the current Gaza crisis. Yes, I would like to hear him tell Turkey to STFU about Israel being a “terrorist state”. But as long as he supports Israel in the Security Council and behind the scenes, I’m fine with him doing his typical leading-from-behind diplomacy on that.

Truce on Tuesday? So they say. Of course, the AP has to send along this headline to make sure it’s as anti-Israel as possible.

Egyptian president says Israeli ‘aggression’ against Gaza will end Tuesday

Hey, AP: The scare quotes don’t make the headline any less slanted. Assholes.

So what was the point of the operation, then? To take out a few terrorists and a few long-range rockets? Hamas will never stop firing on Israel as long as their organization remains intact.

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  1. Erinyes says:

    “Assholes” – Indeed.

    I’m impressed. I don’t remember you using such strong language back when…

  2. Yeah, things have changed a bit, regarding the language.

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