Israel at war with Hamas and the media

Three Israeli civilians were killed by rocket fire. They didn’t make it to the fortified stairwell in their building, which did not have a bomb shelter. There’s a picture of a bleeding baby at the link. Think the AP will send that picture around to thousands of wire service recipients? Yeah, me neither.

Here’s the evolution of the AP story. Note the disgusting explanatory lead paragraph in the first story.

Israeli police: 3 killed in rocket attack
Gaza militants, reeling from an Israeli military operation, killed three Israelis on Thursday in a rocket attack that is likely to exact a harsh retaliation by Israel.

Second story headline: No letup in Israeli offensive in Gaza Note the cause-and-effect. Rockets on Israel? Didn’t happen. Note that the lead puts the cause all on Israel, which is a lie.

Militants in the Gaza Strip pounded southern Israel with rocket fire on Thursday, killing three people as the Israeli military pressed forward with a second day of intense air raids and naval attacks on militant targets. With Israel threatening to invade the Palestinian territory, the heaviest fighting between Israel and Hamas in four years showed no signs of letting up.

The fighting, which began Wednesday when Israel assassinated Hamas’ military chief, brought life to a standstill on both sides of the border.

There are several paragraphs of quotes from Gaza families, including a touching Facebook quote from a concerned parent:

“My little 4-year-old boy keeps asking me to pray with him every 10 minutes, saying, ‘Mama. Let’s pray together to Allah in order to be safe,'” one woman, Ghadeer Ahmad, wrote on her Facebook account.

You have to dig down 19 paragraphs before you find out anything on the Israeli victims. And the AP makes sure to show you that Israel is blaming them for their own deaths. Reprehensible.

Israelis were ordered to remain close to shelters or fortified rooms in their homes as air raid sirens wailed throughout the day. Police said two men and a woman died after a rocket struck their four-story apartment building in Kiryat Malachi. A 4-year-old boy and two babies were also wounded.

Israeli media reported that the victims had ignored orders to protect themselves.

“We lost people today who could have been with us if they had just followed instructions,” said Avi Dichter, the Cabinet minister in charge of Israeli civil defense.

In the latest update, which repeats everything above, including the Facebook quote, you have to dig down very far to find this:

Batya Katar, a resident of Sderot, a community that has been a frequent target of rocket fire, said streets were empty there.

“People won’t be outside. The minute they assassinated the Hamas military chief we knew an offensive had begun. We were waiting for it, and it’s about time they did it. We have the right to live like other countries in the world,” she said.

They always make the Israelis look aggressive and unsympathetic. Here’s how they make even the calls for Israel’s destruction by Palestinian terrorists look sympathetic:

Thousands of people, including top Hamas officials, braved the threats to attend the funeral for Jabari, who had long topped Israel’s most-wanted list for his role in deadly attacks and building up Hamas’ formidable arsenal. Dozens of residents stood solemnly outside their homes or on their balconies as the procession walked by.

“We want to kill in the name of God,” chanted mourners as angry gunmen fired automatic weapons into the air. Hundreds of people raised their index fingers in the air, chanting, “God is great.”

“This crime will not weaken us. It will make us stronger and more determined to continue the path of jihad and resistance,” Hamas lawmaker Mushir al-Masri said in a eulogy. “The enemy opened the battle and shall bear the consequences.”

You would think that maybe a story headlined “Palestinians vow revenge on Israel” might be in order. But then, you would not be living in the real world, where the narrative is always about the poor, poor, pitiful Palestinians, so put-upon by the Israelis who have the nerve to respond militarily after taking hundreds of missile and rocket hits for the year (over 800 so far in 2012).

May God keep Israel safe during all of this, and defeat her enemies. Here’s hoping a lot of Hamas members become ex-terrorists, soon.

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One Response to Israel at war with Hamas and the media

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Let us hope that Israel goes all the way with the offensive this time. They pulled back prematurely last time, without killing all the Hamas “militants” in the Gaza Strip. This time, they should correct that mistake.

    The Arabs etc. are at war with Israel and their goal is genocide. Israel has every right to defend herself under international law, even if the bien pensants do not recognize that.

    With Obama reelected there will probably be no US veto of the inevitable Security Council Resolution condemning Israel for acting in self-defense. Israel should ignore it and continue the offensive until it’s through, and they have killed as many Hamas swine as they can catch (I don’t doubt that many will cross over into Egypt to escape retribution, and filter back later when the coast is clear).

    Israel must take out Hamas now. If not, she will be the target of simultaneous attacks from all sides at a time of her enemies’ choosing. The whole point of the Central Position is to deal with your enemies piecemeil.

    Am Yisroel chai.

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