Tuesday, briefly

Upending the narrative: So, that analysis that says the Israelis are always at fault in any instance with Palestinians? Yeah, guess the PRC releasing a video of their firing on a Jeep driving along the border puts paid to the narrative. And by the way: Scumbags.

Heads, I win, tails, you lose: Really, that’s the message of the “Arab Spring” for Israel and the West. Now the Syrian rebels are accusing Israel of wanting to save Assad, so that’s why Israel fired back at Syria. And here we thought it was fired for reasons of deterrence. Because since Israel hit the mortar squad, suddenly, “stray” rocket fire into Israel has ceased.

Because of course, the response must be due to elections: The AP continues with its bullshit narrative that Benjamin Netanyahu thinks first and foremost of his electoral survival, not of protecting his people from terrorists launching rockets at them. The article is on the discussion in Israel about renewing targeted assassination of Hamas leaders.

That Israel might renew a practice that brought it harsh international censure is evidence of the tight spot Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in. With Israeli elections two months away, rocket barrages from Gaza are disrupting the lives of 1 million residents of southern Israel, pressuring the government to come up with an effective response.

Right. Because that’s what’s important: Looking good for the next election. Saving people’s lives? Incidental to the cause. Oh, and as for the targeted killings debate: Funny how the AP turns a blind eye to all the drone attacks by the Obama administration. What are they, again? Oh, that’s right. Targeted killings.

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3 Responses to Tuesday, briefly

  1. Erinyes says:

    Completely off-topic, but just curious – Have you kept up your gun practice outlined in the post from 2007 I saw in your archives? If so, how do you like practicing your Second Amendment rights and what’s your take on the JPFO?

  2. Somewhat. I’ve been rather broke lately, so I’m a bit out of practice. I mean to change that soon.

  3. Erinyes says:

    I know that feeling. I live next door to the only gun range in the Lower Keys and I haven’t shot since moving here. No extra money for range fees or ammo. Ah well.

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