A birthday request

My birthday is Thursday.

Think we can get 15 more book sales by Thursday? That would make an even 100 sales in the first month plus two days.

The links are on the right. Or you can click here for the trade paperback at my estore, which gives me a few extra dollars. Kindle edition, Nook edition, international Kobo edition–your choice.

It will make a great Hanukkah/Christmas gift for the Harry Potter fans in your life.

Oh, and it will make me very, very happy to hit a sale level of three digits in my first month as an independent writer/publisher.

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8 Responses to A birthday request

  1. Tim says:

    Bought the book and inhaled it. Wonderful job!

    I have given it to my kids to read and they are burning through it as well.

    When is the next installment???????????

  2. Thanks, Tim. Book Two will be out next year. It’s a lot more complicated to plot, but I’m getting there.

    If you have the time, put up a review on Amazon. It helps my book get noticed.

  3. Tim says:

    My kids are fans of the Caturday pictures that you post. After they finish reading your book, I will show them what “Goldeneyes” might look like. Does “Andy” bear any resemblance to someone’s nephew?

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    Will the sales site take Paypal?

  5. Tim says:

    Done. I am happy to help. Thanks for such a wonderful read!

  6. Michael, I don’t know if Paypal is accepted at any of the sites. I don’t use it that much. The only thing I can say is go there and see if they accept it.

  7. Tim, I missed your question about Andy last time around. I named him after one of my favorite students in religious school, but the only thing the fictional character has in common with the real Andy is brown hair. Not that that will stop the real Andy from claiming bragging rights.

    And thanks for the review. I’m rather interested in seeing how things play out as well. :-) I have the major plot outlined, but I keep on being surprised. Got an idea for a new Catmage character today but I have to see if he wants to come into book 2 or wait until 3. I like him. I think I may like him as much as I like Nafshi.

  8. Wow, Tim, that review was great! Thanks so much!

    I laughed out loud about your line on having to steal the book from your daughter.

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