One question about the David Petraeus case

I’m sorry, but there’s something that simply cannot be asked often enough.

The CIA Director was using a Gmail account?



Director? CIA? Head of the spy agency? The ones who are supposed to be, you know, the secret ones?


As Glenn Reynolds says: Don’t worry. The country’s in the best of hands.

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One Response to One question about the David Petraeus case

  1. They were talking about his personal account. He would not be allowed to used his unclassified (open) agency account for personal email. It is just like your using your personal email address instead of your company account to handle correspondence about the book or the blog. I actually have multiple accounts depending on the purpose of the email.

    Work related email goes through my company account.
    Personal email goes through the emai listed here.

    Business related (such as a job search) goes through a more professionally named account.

    THe account that she is supposed to have gotten access to would be a personal account and I doubt that he used it for very much.

    The various stories making the rounds do not seem to be very consistent or sensible.

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