Another busy day? Why yes, yes it was.

The good news is that I got busy at work, which is good, because being downsized to part-time is killing my bank account. The bad news is I was busy enough that posting here took a back seat.

Oh, well, another slice-of-life post it is.

I led services tonight, something that I do when the rabbi is out of town. I prefer Friday nights because it’s much easier than the full Shabbat service on Saturday. However, when it was first suggested, I was of the opinion that the gabbai was going to be there as well, and didn’t bother following up on a key. So when Rabbi called today, a key was the last thing on my mind. Just to be sure, I called the gabbai around six. “I’m in Arizona,” she said.


A few quick calls and I arranged for someone to meet me at the synagogue. It was a small turnout, but Sarah and three of her children were there, so I asked Max and Rebecca to come up on the bima with me and help lead services. They just turned eleven and will be practicing soon enough. Rebecca was shy and stayed seated, until her brother raced up the steps. Competition. It’s a good thing.

They already know most of the service, so it was fun, and very reminiscent of my days as a teacher at my old synagogue. I did a couple of things slightly different, because this synagogue does the English version of Ahavat Olam, and I miss the Hebrew prayer, so we did both. It was nice. I miss Friday night services. I stopped going due to the price of gas. I’m not close to my synagogue, and Saturday is the more important service, so I go to that one. Here’s hoping my finances improve, because, y’know, I miss going to Friday night services.

Well, the book is getting out there, slowly but surely. We shall see.

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