The day after briefs

Well, duh! The U.S. ambassador to Israel says direct talks between the PA and Israel are the only way to peace. Too bad Mahmoud Abbas disagrees. He’s still working on an end-run around Israel to get his own little mini-state. A crucial test for Obama’s second term: Will he stop the PA’s attempt to get the UN to declare them an “observer state”?

We can build arms factories anywhere we want, and you can’t stop us! Yes, that is essentially what Iran is saying about the Sudanese weapons factory that was bombed last week. Except for, well, the earth-shattering kaboom part.

More reasons to hate both sides: The PFLP is apparently fighting with the Assad forces. And getting killed for it. I hope they both lose. By the way, Syrian tanks are over the border, and the UN is frowning heavily in Syria’s direction.

What? The deuce you say! Iran isn’t cooperating on the UN probe into their nuclear sites, says the UN. Really? I mean, really? They’re not cooperating? I’m so shocked to hear that.

Game over, man: Yes, the election is over, and we have four more years of the Narcissist-in-chief. Let’s see if he was lying when he said he was Israel’s greatest friend.

I give it a week.

And yes, I will say “I told you so” when the gloves come off. Over and over again, for at least four more years.

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