Election day briefs

I think I have to admit it: I’m a political junkie. I really didn’t think I was, but I do seem to be far more up on politics than my friends, who are no slouches in keeping up with the news. Perhaps my being on Ed Morrissey’s radio show should have been my final clue.

Funniest retort to plans of calling for inflated Obama early voters: From Sarah Hoyt. “Yeah, Obama voters dominate early voting. And then the conservatives get off work.”

Republican poll watchers being kicked out in Philly: Philly wasn’t going to go for Romney in any case, but this is a good way to stuff the ballot boxes.

Talk about covering your bases: The LA Times with three reasons Obama will win, and three reasons Romney will win.

Voting by generator: Hurricane Sandy victims are voting in a tent, by the light supplied by a generator. This would be front-page news during the Bush administration. Under Obama, not so much.

Barry Rubin on why you should be voting for Mitt.

Now get out there and vote for Mitt. We need a change in our government, and I hope we get one.

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2 Responses to Election day briefs

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Lots of reports of voting fraud by the Dems. Black Panthers intimidating voters again in Philly. People report arriving at the polls and finding that somebody already voted in their names.

    Moscow announced that the US elections will be neither free nor fair. Well, they’re the experts about such things. Besides, they’ve come out for Obama, and it’s the Dems making the election neither free nor fair.

    And the UN observers are amazed that the US does not require voter ID in order to vote.

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