Friday briefs

Damn, I was hoping it would have been completely destroyed: No such luck. The UN building survived. Go move it somewhere else, like to some other country, please.

Funny, how this doesn’t get worldwide headlines: The Palestinian hunger strikers were big news. Hundreds of Kurds about to die from a hunger strike in Turkish prison? Meh. Who cares? Jews aren’t involved, so it’s evidently not news.

Pennsylvania too? UN election watchers may be showing up in Pennsy, too. Oh, have them come to my town. I could use the laughs. Really, though, how freaking pathetic is it that the UN wants to waste time, effort, and money ensuring that U.S. elections are free and fair? What an effing waste of American tax dollars.

Empty gestures, Palestinian style: Mahmoud Abbas says he’s willing to sit down and talk with Netanyahu. Of course, when Bibi says yes, there will suddenly be conditions. It’s just words.

FEMA still sucks, and Bloomberg is a moron: New Yorkers are dumpster-diving for food, and Staten Islanders are saying there’s been little to no help for them. Of course, Obama will not be blamed for FEMA’s lapses, because national problems are only the president’s fault when the president is a Republican.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Maybe those UN observers should go to the states where voting machines have been found recording for Obama votes that were cast for Romney.

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