Wednesday briefs

Hamas documents its own war crimes: Hamas released a video proving they fire rockets from civilian areas. And yet, there will never be a Goldstone Commission for their crimes. And of course, there will always be excuses made for them.

Mittmentum: Obama is being forced to campaign in formerly safe Democratic states. Methinks there may be a new president come January.

More rockets, more yawns from the world: Hamas thinks that Israel won’t go into Gaza now that the Muslim Brotherhood is ruling Egypt, so it keeps firing rockets into Israel. Yeah, I wouldn’t count on that. Especially since the U.S. election will be over in less than a week, and if Netanyahu was limiting his response because of that, well–the election is over next Tuesday.

Yeah, but they only do this because they want to convert us, or something: Not all Christians (I’m talking about you, PC-USA) hate Israel. Some of them actually rally in support of Israel. And don’t think we don’t notice, or appreciate it. Because we do.

American-Israel military cooperation: The biggest air defense drill of its kind, ever. Remember this when people insist that Israel gives the U.S. nothing back. Also remember that Israeli soldiers trained U.S. soldiers in combat to prepare them for going house-to-house in Iraq. Israel has our back.

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